Accessorize: Tassles

One thing I've seen popping up around the interwebs at an alarming rate is tassels. All over the place! I'm a fan of less is more in this instance. It would be way too easy to go overboard on these and end up in the realm of crazed cheerleader. Where there was a stone, pendant or charm on a necklace, add a single tassel. I enjoy myself a tassel here and there, but I'm wondering if this will be a flash in the pan or will is actually stick around for awhile and we'll be sick of them in another year? 

Regardless, get 'em while they're hot! I've rounded up a few interesting ones. Enjoy!

Above photo: Tassel Garland by ConfettiSystem

Accessorize: Geometrics

Geometrics: they're all over the place. This is in no way a "prediction" post of what is to come, but rather a holy-crap-look-it's-everywhere post. What I love most about the geometric craze, is the variations of it all. Everything from triangles and zigzags in home decor to laser cut and 3D-printed clothing. This time I'm talking about the jewelry (and one clutch). Aren't they awesome?!