Accessorize: Tassles

One thing I've seen popping up around the interwebs at an alarming rate is tassels. All over the place! I'm a fan of less is more in this instance. It would be way too easy to go overboard on these and end up in the realm of crazed cheerleader. Where there was a stone, pendant or charm on a necklace, add a single tassel. I enjoy myself a tassel here and there, but I'm wondering if this will be a flash in the pan or will is actually stick around for awhile and we'll be sick of them in another year? 

Regardless, get 'em while they're hot! I've rounded up a few interesting ones. Enjoy!

Above photo: Tassel Garland by ConfettiSystem

Accessorize: Geometrics

Geometrics: they're all over the place. This is in no way a "prediction" post of what is to come, but rather a holy-crap-look-it's-everywhere post. What I love most about the geometric craze, is the variations of it all. Everything from triangles and zigzags in home decor to laser cut and 3D-printed clothing. This time I'm talking about the jewelry (and one clutch). Aren't they awesome?!

Accessorize: Teeny Tiny

As is with fashion, styles swing from one end of the spectrum to the next. Mini-skirt in the summer, maxi-skirt in the fall. Skinny jeans in the winter, palazzo pants in the summer. Tunic, crop top. Cascading waves of hair extensions, stick-straight earlobe-grazing bob. It never ends, but it does give you incentive to become a hoarder - because eventually, whatever it is, will come back in style! 
This time around, I'm calling out the inevitability of mini jewelry. As the amazingly gorgeous bib necklaces, statement earrings and cocktail rings are slowly peetering out, I am steering toward accessory simplification more and more.
Don't get me wrong, I love me some statement jewelry, but sometimes you just don't want to think about all that. Besides, who wants to run around 100 degree weather in something that's heavy and super bulky? You want to be wearing something floaty, breezy and begging to be whispered at.
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Accessorize: Hand piece

Grey is the new black. Pearls are the new diamonds. Etcetera, etcetera. 
Well, I'm calling it: Hand pieces are the new two-finger rings. I've been seeing these things pop up a bunch lately... it happened to me a year ago with the whole feather hair extension thing. A trend that made me say to myself; Huh. that's interesting. Looks cool, but I'm not sure I'd do it myself. {cut to a year later and soccer-mom's are driving their minivans around town, feather extensions billowing out the window, while I'm also sporting feathered earrings from Urban Outfitters... I know, I'm so ashamed}

Anyway. So, hand pieces. Or, is it wrist-to-ring-chain? I don't know what to call them. But, I distinctly remember these being specifically for the hippie or princess-fairy-tale girls. Apparently, not so anymore! The one's I've been seeing {and, honestly? Some, I'm kinda digging} are much more edgy and almost punk rock. Check 'em out, you may be seeing more and more of these around soon... besides, it's only a matter of time now that Urban has one too.

PS. If you're crafty, you can totally make one for yourself. No prob!
PPS. Watch out for another trendy weird-slash-cool thing! Ear cuffs. Eek!

top photo: LuvAJ

Accessorize | Jewelry: Organic Forms

If you know me at all, you know I have a slight {well, maybe more than slight} obsession with accessories. One is handbags, the other jewelry... and a few other things in between. I've decided to start yet another section to this blog about my serious obsession with accessories. I also keep a collection of cool stuff on my Pinterest boards - Lovely Jewels, Bag Obsessions, For Fab Feet

Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I am constantly being asked about my jewelry {pat, pat, hee hee}. I am a big fan of organic shapes or nature inspired jewelry. Give me a leaf, feather or antler and I'm there! And while I haven't discovered the ability to mold metal - yet - here are a few of my faves.

Jill Platner was a discovery when I first moved to New York. While I tend to like her older stuff better, her more grand, gallery pieces are amazing!

 I've seen Twigs & Heather around New York & Brooklyn for a few years now and I always make a beeline for their table. I don't know how I've never walked away with one of the maple seed or twig necklaces!

Made entrely out of reclaimed metals, Alkemie has a line of jewelry that is just purely delicious. They mix modern girlie pretty with tough rockstar heft that is just so much fun. I have a couple pieces from them and they are guaranteed to get attention!

There's also this great trend {that's been running for a little while now} utilizing geodes, minerals and crystals in their natural state. Such amazing colors and also quite the statement!