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In my alternate reality where I have endless time, and endless storage space to create an
Amazingly Crafty Wonderland
Here's some of what would be in my bottomless toolbox:

1. Lots and lots of washi tape {you know I love washi tape}
2. Xyron Wishblade custom die-cutter
3. Every color of baker's twine ever created
6. bonsai shears (they're great for trimming plants)
8. X-Acto knives that never go dull and a really great ruler
7. Glitter in every color imaginable 
4. Endless supply of Glue Dots & spray adhesive
5. Prismacolor markers & pastels in every color they make
9. Really, really pretty paper {that never costs any money}

And really pretty furoshiki cloth to wrap up all my crafty gifts.

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Spring Garden Party
In my almost-entirely-possible, not-quite-alternate reality where I have a huge backyard, gather all my fabulous friends on a picture-perfect afternoon and laugh heartily through the evening...

My garden aplenty would be the decor, like this.

I'd throw on this dress & this straw hat and these bangles
No shoes, so I could sqidge my toes in the grass.
while serving thisthis and this.


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Alternate reality setting: My boardroom. 
Lording over my minions, gesturing wildly, and laughing maniacally while I tell stories of my Machiavellian plans. Don't mess with me. This is my version of The Power Suit.

1. Alexander McQueen Resort '12. 2. Pegasus Necklace, Stella & Dot, $198. 3. Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Razzle Dazzle, $18. 4. RibCage iPad Case, SwitchEasy, $34.99. 5. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio, $25. 6. James Nares "Go 2007", oil on paper.

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In a world where I host a backyard Oscar party in Palm Springs...
I would wear this dress, with this bracelet and this necklace
while sipping on deliciously gorgeous, slightly dirty martinis like this