Monthly Obsession: Pompom Sandals

It must be the thick of summer because I'm starting to obsess over Gray Malin beach photos, iced coffee, and the smell of sunscreen. I got my first sunburn of the season last weekend, and I can still feel a tiny crinkling burn whenever I shrug my shoulders. (Shame on me, no sunscreen! Eep!) To be honest, summer kind of snuck up on me. What is it about entering the workforce that totally messes with your brain and the seasons? I mean, srsly. June just slips on by as yet another month, and it's not until 4th ofJuly that the "ah! It's summer!" smacks you upside the head. (#adulting)   

So, my newest obsession for the summer is the pompom sandal. I passed by them at Anthro and it was like my head was yanked away from my body when I spotted them. Laying on the shelf, they looked kinda like a pathetic deflated party balloon... or like the inside of Cheech's Love Machine had been put through a neon-colored blender, and I was fascinated. I kinda hate myself for it, but I'm strangely attracted to them. They're like a wacky Carmen Miranda fiesta for your feet. Did I buy them? No. But, they are still haunting me. For two months. They've been haunting me. 

Mystique Tokyo Sandals,  Anthropologie

Mystique Tokyo Sandals, Anthropologie

I've started seeing them pop up all over the place. In stores, on Instagram... I don't think I've actually seen anyone wearing them out in public, but then again I did not go to Cochella, so they could be EVERYWHERE and I don't know it. I've been living in a little bubble for about 6 months, so there. A quick insta-search reveals that with 5,800+ tags, yes, #pompomsandals, they are everywhere. The more I scroll, the more people start to look something like utterly ludicrous Decorator Crabs grabbing bright, shiny balls and sticking them onto their feet.

I know, I keep talking about how ridiculous they are, but that's just it, I keep talking about them. *cue big sigh* Lets be honest here, I LOVE how ridiculous they are. I'd love to wear them with white jeans and a linen top. No jewelry. Why bother, because you know everyone's just going to be staring at your feet. So I may just have to give in to the absurd and snap them up before summer is gone. Here are a few that I've found:


1: WhatFrankieDidNext Pompom sandals,. 2: Elina Linardaki Penny Lane Sandals, 3: Good Night Macaroon pom pom lace-ups, 4: Greek Sundals Small pom pom lace-ups, 5: TrendyTopUk Haldidi tufted sandals.